Montessori podcast # 13

Česká verze Montessori podcast # 13

29. 5. 2024

Special Pedagogue in Montessori school

I talked to Dáša about the role of a special educator in a Montessori school. About what she actually does in the school, how special and Montessori pedagogy are connected. Dáša introduces us to the most important tool for developing communication and speech in the home – the kitchen and her own technique “the way to coffee”. She will also describe the specifics of working with children across developmental plans from toddlers to teens.

Dagmar Krásná is a special educator dedicated to children, parents and her colleagues at Andílek Montessori Schools. She focuses on the language and speech development of children from infant group to school age. At Andílek she tries to combine the Montessori system with the world of special education. She has her own special education practice, Counseling at Krásná paní, which is a newly certified neuro-developmental therapy and stimulation center under the direction of M. Volemanová.