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HOW IT WORKS IN ANDÍLEK What is our vision

What is Montessori?

Montessori, developed by the Italian medical doctor Maria Montessori, has been an educational concept for over 100 years. The Montessori pedagogy forms a comprehensive and elaborate educational system that respects the child’s developmental planes, arises from his or her needs, helps to develop his or her abilities and to be aware of him- or herself and the surroundings. By using concrete educational materials and creating a suitable environment, the Montessori pedagogy supports a child’s natural interest and helps him or her establish correct working habits and form own opinions. We always go from the concrete to the abstract, and unique, specially developed materials are used for each area. These materials facilitate the understanding of new phenomena and also fundamentally contribute to a deeper and more permanent retention of newly gained experience and knowledge.

Montessori primary and elementary schools are more and more popular nowadays. That is because we realize that the role of school has changed. Work that you enjoy brings you inner satisfaction and moreover, you can succeed in it. It should be the role of today’s school to let a person find what he or she is interested in and to be able to develop his or her abilities and interests. He or she needs to learn responsibility, cooperation and respect for others, to be able to reflect upon things, to form his or her own opinion and defend it, but also to know how to acknowledge a mistake and use it as experience.