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Principal’s word

Andílek is a place created by an entire team of people with a common passion for work, children and education. The sections are interlinked, children thus advance from the smallest group of toddlers to the adolescents through the entire system. It depends on when they enter it. The sooner, the better.

Children learn from one another and we learn from the children. We learn from their perseverance, openness for everything new and sincerity.

The more independent they are and the more they learn new things, the more they want to know and learn. To do it themselves, to do it in a group, to be able to defend one’s opinion, to be able to ask for help, to be able to communicate, to have respect for oneself and for others.

It is our aim to create a loving environment for them where everyone’s personality can grow.

They feel successful and happy here. They do not need to compete. We teach them to appreciate themselves and their work. We emphasize that they develop, work on their intellectual abilities and moral qualities, learn how to live together. The adults around them are their model and inspiration.

That is why it is important to me that the educators work on their own growth. I choose carefully who works in Andílek. I like having strong personalities in the team who form a foundation for the strong pillars of our work, our common idea, goals and values. It is a joint journey of all of us, every day, every moment.

Working with such a strong team pushes me on and on not only in the area of management. It is not only about managing a school, but about listening to the needs of people, supporting them in their development, and making decisions needed for the school, the team, the parents and especially the children in the school, to shield everything, to protect. To give them space and responsibility, to give them trust.

Our work is founded on the Teacher – Child – Parent triangle.

Montessori is more than an educational movement. It is a journey which you embark upon and know that you are walking in the right and natural direction. It is not an easy one, it requires inner determination and understanding.

My big personal milestone was to undertake the AMI Diploma Course 6-12, the very first course of this training in the Czech Republic. It opened new pedagogical horizons for me. It was thanks to this course that I got fully emerged in the principles of this pedagogy and the approach to the care for and education of children as well as adults.

If you are looking for a school for your children where they will be happy and will develop, will learn to respect themselves and others, and where the adults around them will act upon their uniqueness, we are here for you.


Hanka Chramostová, Principal